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School Parliament

Members 2017-18

The School Parliament members are elected following elections in the autumn term. There are two MPs from every class. Our MPs are as follows –

Year 3
  • Aurora
  • Yasin
  • Claudia
  • Theo
Year 4
  • Noah
  • Nacera
  • Adelajda
  • Kashif
Year 5
  • Ashyla
  • Eesa
  • Joanne
  • Kabir
  • Adam
  • Aliya
Year 6
  • Ivy
  • Dylan
  • Maahi
  • Harry

Parliament News

2017-1 Upper 

Children in all classes stood for election to school parliament in the first week of term. All successful candidates (above) have now taken up office for the school year.

In the autumn term the Year 6 parliamentarians met with the headteacher and Chair of Governors, Mr Woodhouse, to share their ideas for school improvement.

As a result a number of actions have been carried out –

Chess pieces have been purchased for the playground.

A fourth lunch option is to be introduced to school dinners (jacket potato).

A girls’ football club has been set up by Miss O’Brien.

New coat pegs are being trialed by some school council members.

Fundraising for two new ‘Buddy Benches’ for the playgrounds has been agreed by the PTA.

New dressing up clothing is to be purchased for wet playtimes

School Parliament will help decide focus charities for fundraising.

More to follow….