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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

The class teachers are:

  • Miss Connolly and Miss Brooks – 4C
  • Mrs Hunt – 4H      

CUFFLEY CAMP – summer 2017

Pleased that everyone is back safe – and very tired I am sure. Well done all you excellent campers – enjoy the long weekend!

Friday- Another good evening around the campfire last night and children slept well after all the daytime activities.

This morning they split into two groups for the last activities (shelter building/orienteering) and now everyone is packing up.The weather is still good to everything is dry (if a little dirty!). All excited to come back home – but some are asking to stay another night!!!

Thursday -A roaring camp fire this evening.

4.30pm – All is fine at Hilltop and Grimeset. Went on a nature trail with Mr Harvey.and then split up for activities after lunch. Taking it in turns to do orienteering and shelter building. Arts and crafts and relaxation before evening meal tonight.

Thursday – The children are all lovely and slept well last night. Weather has stayed bright this morning and the groups are all off doing their activities.

9pm – all is well at Cuffley Camp. Mrs Henley visited this evening – all had eaten well and excited to go to the shop for their Cuffley souvenirs. Everyone enjoyed sitting around the campfire with hot chocolate and cookies before going off to get washed for bed.

A busy afternoon and children enjoyed scaling the climbing wall and getting very dirty doing the ‘up and under’ course!

1pm. – All arrived safely and have eaten lunch. Now settling into their tents and the first group has gone off to the Climbing wall.


Friday – A great acrobatics workshop today – lots of fun and very impressive work!