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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Phasels Wood

Friday – We are having a lovely time here. Everyone slept well after an early night, lots of activity and the children were all tired but happy. We have had breakfast and are now packing up before going off for another activity. Hope to be back around 2.30pm – but will update when we leave.


Thursday  Lovely evening and first night. We’ve had breakfast and are off to our first activity. 
Wednesday – We arrived safely. No sickness on coach. Fabulous weather – excellent facilities here. 
Children have put up their own tents and are happy in their groups. Just had lunch and all off to our activities soon. 

The class teachers are:

  • Miss Connolly and Miss Brooks – 4C
  • Mrs Hunt – 4H      

Mindfulness 4H

Hijab created this lovely piece about the sea.

She read it beautifully.


There’s a sea and it’s magical. It’s filled with mysteries, legends and mystical creatures. Just imagine this sea is yours and you put your hand in the sea. You can feel a gentle tide and you can feel small little pushes against your fingertips and when you swim in, you find a box that has pretty patterns and little picrures so you swim back to shore. You sit on soft, dry, golden sand and you open it up and it has a little message that says,

“This is yours and always will be.”

Then you put some memories in it that only brings you happiness, laughter and smiles. Finally, you swim back into the sea and bury the box in the sea bed. Just remember, that box is yours and always will be.

Hijab 4H