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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Hudnall Park – Group 2 

Friday – A good night. Last day at Hudnall – just off to do shelter building – buckets of water ready! See you at the end of the day.

Thursday evening – all good here – see you tomorrow.

Thursday – All is fine. A very nice day weather wise and plenty of activities to keep everyone busy.

Wednesday evening – Problem solving and orienteering completed. Children enjoyed fish fingers or macaroni cheese and chocolate cake with chocolate sauce for dinner. Have showered and settled into their rooms.

Wednesday 5pm – Having a lovely time. Just finished orienteering and having a rest. Miss Timms is making sure everyone has plenty of sun tan lotion on. Off to eat now and then evening games before settling down for the night.

Wednesday am -All arrived safely – more details later

Hudnall Park trip Group 1

Tuesday – Children are showering before playing out. For dinner they had pizza or chicken and rice. Pudding was pancakes with ice cream and toffee sauce (rave reviews about this!) Activities today were team building/problem solving, orienteering and mammal trapping. Weather has been perfect all day – clear but not too hot. Planning to play some games this evening.

Monday 7pm – All enjoying life at Hudnall Park. Good weather and the children like their new home! Have been mountain biking and taking part in Archery today. This evening have played cricket and rounders and will be settling down to hot chocolate in an hour.

The class teachers are:

  • Mr Willcox – 5W
  • Miss Timms and Mrs Austin (summer term) – 5TO