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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

The class teachers are:

  • Miss Coombs – 5C
  • Mr Willcox – 5W
  • Miss Timms and Miss O’Brien – 5TO


 Year 5 Trip to Hudnall Park

Group 2 Friday

Trapped a vole in mammal trapping activity. Off orienteering next. All doing well and having a great time.

A very good night – everyone slept well. Some bleary eyed children at breakfast. Looking forward to final activities before return this afternoon – expected back around 2.45pm- 3pm.

Group 2 – Thursday

Having a gorgeous day. Children all really enjoying themselves. Sun has been glorious. Lots of newts caught in the pond and about to set some mammal traps before tea. Everyone had a go on the low ropes and nearly all tried the zip wire. Looking forward to a good evening of activities playing group games.

All good this afternoon and enjoying a bit of sunshine.

Everyone seems fine today and ready to go to zip line, low ropes and pond dipping.Some early risers this morning!


A busy day spent taking part in mountain biking, shelter building and archery. All happy.

Group 2 have arrived this morning and are settling in – while Group 1 are enjoying their last day at Hudnall  and packing up ready for the return journey. They are due to leave between 2pm and 2.15pm. School will send out a text to confirm.


Everything is going well. Making the most of the lovely weather and enjoying time doing the activities. So far they have used the zip wire, climbed the low ropes and had fun pond dipping. Having a little rest before fully exploring the park and then trying orienteering. Later on the children will be setting their mammal traps.




Monday – Group 1.

All have arrived safely and are settling in.

A fun day doing activities such as mountain biking, and shelter building.

It was spaghetti bolognese for tea.

This evening they played outside in the grounds before settling down to hot chocolate and watching a film. 

Year 5 Trip to Hazard Alley

On Monday 5th and Thursday 8th February classes from Year 5 visited Hazard Alley in Milton Keynes.

We learned about how to keep safe in all sorts of dangerous situations that can occur in normal life.

We enjoyed practising  how to make an emergency call to the police from a telephone box. Some of us did not know how to use a landline telephone as we are used to mobile phones.