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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

The class teachers are:

  • Mrs Ayling – 6A
  • Miss Searle – 6C



Isle of Wight

Despite the heavy traffic, pleased that all are safely home. I am sure parents are pleased to see their children and catch up on all the news. Well done everyone – enjoy the long weekend!

11.30am update. Now on the M3 stopping for lunch at Winchester Services – hopefully on track to be back at 2pm.

Friday 8.30am 

Black Gang Chine…

Thursday – Cake for Nisini’s birthday this morning. Sweets she brought for everyone will be enjoyed at disco tonight along with some more cake. On route now to Black Gang Chine!

9.20pm -Back from beach, had shower and drinking hot chocolate now. A few very sandy bodies!

8.30pm – Tonight was bolognese, cottage pie or jacket potato with ice cream or rice pudding. Children still currently on beach- coming in just before 9pm for hot chocolate, then shower and bed!

Children being really well behaved.

Wednesday – All children slept extremely well after a late night!
Enjoyed our boat cruise around the needles and saw the coloured cliffs at alum bay. The children have watched the sweet making demo and sampled the sweets. They have had the opportunity to wander around the shops too.
We are soon to watch the glass blowing demo!
Luckily, we haven’t had too much rain today and dry at the moment.

Loved laser quest. Now bowling. Won’t be leaving here until half 9 then back for hot chocolate and bed… been a long day but they seem to have so much energy still!!


Rain just started at 3pm… had a great day! X

All children settled by 10pm after hot chocolate and slept well last night.
Tuesday -At  Robin Hill today – enjoyed the toboggan, slides, squirrel run and watching the falconry display. Weather is holding up, thankfully.
Heading for the boat ride and 4d motion cinema after lunch.
Tonight is bowling and laser quest.

Zoo and evening at beach –
All happy and ate up either their roast chicken, pasta or jacket potatoes with ice cream. Settled into rooms and like who they are with.
Showering off from beach and coming down for hot chocolate and biscuits at 9pm.

Isle of Wight Trip – Monday – all happy and excited – arrived safely and settling in.


Thursday – Craft this morning and sport this afternoon.


Wednesday – Off to Cassiobury Park for a day of recreation!

Tuesday – In school today for a morning of craft activities and preparation for our Barbeque. Chicken kebabs and wraps with fruity kebabs for dessert.


Monday was spent at Bletchley Park – home of the Enigma Code team – and Ivinghoe Beacon.