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Tournament Reports Autumn 2017

Football Reports

St Anthony’s vs Field Junior Team 1

St Anthony’s kicked off first. The game started pretty calmly but Watford Fields snatched the ball and ran up to the goal. Matthew took a shot but it went over the crossbar. Unlucky! Their goal kick went to the winger who crossed it into the box and it was blocked for a corner. The corner was whipped in but wasn’t dealt with effectively. The ball rebounded into Field’s goal. The end of the first half ended. The score was 1-0 to St Anthony’s.

Start of the second half and kick off to Field. Neo and Oscar ran up the left hand side as Mathew ran into the box. The ball was clipped in as Matthew poked it home. Goal!! Smashed into the top corner of the goal. 1-1. St Anthony’s continued to advance at our goal but with strong defending, Field were able to defend well. Matthew latched onto a clearance from Ashton and scored again! 2-1 to Field. With 5 minutes left, Hassan received the ball and passed it forward to Matthew who scored his third goal. The ref blew his whistle and the game ended with a huge turnover 3-1 to Field.


St Anthony’s vs Field Junior Team 2


As St Anthony’s kicked off, Watford Fields had already started to run down the line after quickly winning possession. Freddie pulled it back to Fayyad who poked it in. GOAL!!!!! Field dominated possession after play restarted, pinning St Anthony’s back. Tom chased on to a loose ball which was booted up the field by Kevin and pulled it back to Lennon who made space onto his left foot for the shot. GOAL!!!! As the first half drew to a close, Billy booted the ball and the half ended.

Watford Fields kicked off and Freddie dribbled down the line. He passed to Lennon who shoots but it hit the side netting – for a moment everyone thought it went in but it hadn’t. Since St Anthony’s were stuck in their half Freddie stole the ball and scored. St Anthony’s punt the ball up the field but Billy sends it back and Tom dances around 4 defenders and beats the goalkeeper with an unstoppable shot which nestles into the bottom corner!!!!! As St Anthony’s dribble to the half way line, they were tackled by Harry and the game finishes. Final score 4-0 to Field.


Hockey tournament review,

by Hannah, Ivy and Addiena

On the 21st of November 2017, 18 lucky children from year six, were selected to travel to Queens school to play in a tournament of hockey, playing against several different schools. We were divided into 3 groups of six for our matches.


The first game that group one played was against The Grove, the first two subs were Ivy and Ashton and they wouldn’t go on until half-time. Each half was four minutes and the game was eight minutes long. We sadly lost the game to the Grove, the score was 1-3 to the Grove even though they used the back of the stick, which should have been called a foul.

The next game was against Bournehall; we won 4-1! Yeah go Field! All was going so well until we played against Bushey Manor. After a tight game, we drew with them and sadly did not get through to the semi final but we still had an amazing time .


Then group 2 games came along. Their first game was against Nascot Wood. Sadly our team did not win – the score was 1-0 to them . Their second game was against Knutsford the score was 3- 1 to us it was a victorious win to Field.


Finally, group three played their games. They played against two teams and although they lost their first one they defeated their second team by a big margin, 6-0!.

This is a big thank you to Miss Marshal and Mr Willcox. This wouldn’t be possible without them.

Cross Country  Autumn 2017