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Key Stage 2

School  Sports Partnership News  

Netball Reports Spring 2017

Watford Field V Nascot Wood

Representing Field was: Megan, Sara, Sara, Millie, Ozgur, Yusuf, Hannah, Nisini and me (Rachel M). On the 19th January, we were excited for our first game, which was away and we were taken by Mrs Ayling and Mrs Dorunay (Ozgur’s mum.) The first quarter didn’t start well as we conceded two goals in the first quarter; we were intimidated by their good play. However, our confidence grew in the second quarter, where were drew 1-1. In the final half of the game. We scored 3 more goals to their 6, so the final score was unfortunately 7-4 to Nascot. We treated this as a character building exercise and trained extra hard in the following weeks training session. Next time we will beat them!

By Rachel M (Year 6)

Field’s Exultant Success

On Monday 30th January, Field played their challenging match of netball against a respected competitor – Bromet. Some representatives had already experienced this familiar competitiveness: Megan, Sara (me), Sara, Nisini and Ozgur had previously played against Nascot Wood; however, Chloe, Libby, Maheen and Hibba were nervous for their first game. As Maheen’s tooth inconveniently fell out, we were slightly delayed for the match, but our team was prepared and warmed up. It was a 7-a-side game and the positions were rotated each quarter; the positions were: GS, GA, WA, WD, C, GD, GK. Together – as a team – we conquered Bromet, winning 12:1 (1st quarter: 3-0, 2nd: 0-0, 3rd 6-0 and last: 3-1). Despite the fact they lost, they deserved a treat for trying their best so we invited them in for squash and biscuits!

This was a triumphant victory we will never forget!

By Sara A.M (year 6)

Second win in a row…

Yesterday, 9th February, fabulous Field’s netball team travelled to Chater School to play their third game. As the teams huddled together, the crowd packed around Chater, which made the players feel uneasy, yet determined. Moments after the game commencing, the lethal partnership of Chloe and Nisini struck; the crowd went wild. During the second quarter, when it was 2-0, Chater, after missing clear cut chances, brought one back. Hannah (the goal shooter) bounced back, wrapping the game up as she scored more points- leading Field in two back-to-back wins. Overall, Field won by a glorious 6 goal difference: 7-1 final score! A special mention to: Jasmin and Skye who played for the first time and did brilliantly.

By Yusuf and Maheen (Year 6)  

Year Six Athletics January 2017

Wednesday 24th was the day we had all been waiting for. As we were all bubbly and anxious about the nerve wracking elite competition awaiting us, our team gathered together and chanted, ‘Who’s going to win? Watford Fields is going to win!’

Overwhelmed by the array of schools that were there (which were five other fierce looking teams) we recklessly dumped our stuff onto the floor and chatted about who might be the toughest competitors. 

There were many races including:over and under, relay, obstacle course, 1+1 relay, 6 lap parlour, 2+2 relay and many more. Luckily we won most of them – the obstacle course, 2+2 relay, 6 lap parlour and 1+1 relay. Since we were separated into our gender groups we fortunately did not compete against each other – as we are a competitive year group. 

Vertical jump, triple jump, long jump, chest push and javelin were all activities most of us did individually whilst others ran or waited for the exhilarating events.

Even though we tried our best and won most of our races, our girls’ team came third before Cassiobury and Laurance Haines: our boys came fourth after Laurance Haines and Cassiobury.

Despite the fact that we were so close to going to the finals- at Queens – it didn’t affect our school spirit. We chanted, ‘Who’s going to win next time? Watford Fields is going to win next time!’

Rachel and Sara – 6S