Intra School Bench Ball February


On Friday afternoon, Field Junior staged the Spring intra-house tournament for benchball. Everyone was excited to compete for their houses to win the trophy for that term. The House captains had chosen their teams with representatives from each year. As Amelia led the warm-up before the tournament was about to begin, there was a tense atmosphere from everyone as they concentrated on their own performance. In the annexe, Mr. Willcox blew his whistle for the first game to start – Badgers vs Otters.

The first game went well for the Badgers as they won 4-1 against the Otters with a great goal for Eniko in Year 5. For their next few games, they continued to beat the squirrels but lost to the Hares.

It wasn’t an outstanding performance for the Otters, as they lost or drew most of their games. All was not lost as when they replayed the Squirrels, they beat them 2-0. The Squirrels had a great tournament, as the captains – Anay and Amelia – in year 6 commanded the team to 3 wins. Hares had a mixed tournament as out of their 6 games they won and lost to the Squirrels, drew and beat the Otters and won and lost to the Badgers.

The final results were 4th place to the Otters (4 points), 3rd place to Hares (7 points), Squirrels came 2nd (9 points), and congratulations to the Badgers who won the tournament with 15 points.

by Mikhail and Amelia