Your views

  • Parental feedback is important to us we encourage parents to –
  • attend parent meetings and events and share your views
  • communicate directly with the school if you have any comment, concern or you feel something has been of particular value
  • complete school surveys at Parent Consultation meetings
  • help to evaluate the school via the Ofsted ‘Parentview’ process

A link to Parentview can be found here:

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school

Year 6 Parents’ Exit Survey 2018

Year 3 New Entrants Parent Survey Autumn 2018

Parent Survey 2017

The results of our spring term parent survey.

Feedback from survey

We are pleased that 163 parents responded to our survey – including some parents who were new to our school this term.

We are very pleased that parents believe that their children are happy and safe at our school.

These are vital building blocks for the success of all we do.

We appreciate that parents believe that children are taught well – that is our aim in all aspects of the school curriculum.

Homework always divides opinion. In 2014 we reviewed Homework as part of our ‘Parent Partnership’ project – to gain a consensus of opinion from every age group.

We believe in the coming year we should revisit this through parent partnership work to ensure our plan reflects the views of our current school population. 

Our survey was carried out before parents attended their consultation with the teacher which may be reflected  in 9% of parents believing they do not receive useful information about their child’s progress. We know that some parents of older children did like the old National Curriculum levels that were replaced when the new curriculum was introduced – but we would like to find out more. We have consultation evenings in the autumn  and spring terms and an end of year report in the summer term. We welcome your feedback.

We monitor teaching and learning and your child’s progress closely throughout the school in order to ensure that children make good progress. Whilst 153 parents agreed that their child makes good progress 4 parents disagreed with this. We would like to understand what aspects of learning we can improve on to address this with those parents. 6 parents did not know if their child made good progress – this may be because they were children who had recently joined the school or because the parents had not yet spoken to the teacher – but we will investigate this further.

Concerns raised by parents are always taken seriously. If you do not get feedback to any matter raised please let us know. Most issues can be resolved quickly if we have good communication. If you have a complaint we have a school complaints procedure – details are on the website.

We are proud of the behaviour of our children both in and out of school and we are pleased that most parents endorse this. However 3 parents did not agree and 5 parents did not know – we will work to promote the work we do to ensure high standards of behaviour.We also have a commitment to anti bullying – which we will promote with our families to ensure that all parents are aware and have confidence in our actions.

The leadership and management of our school are the result of a team effort – we are pleased that 94% of parents endorse our work – but we would like to make this 100%.

Responding to our school surveys helps us to improve our practice and address the things that matter most to you.

If you do have feedback for us please do speak to us – or attend our Parent Partnership events in the coming school year.

Pupil Survey 2017

Feedback from survey

We asked the School Parliament to investigate the results of some of the questions and this is what they discovered.