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Year 4

Hi year 4,
We hope you are well and have completed last week’s work. We have set ONE more weeks work for you starting on Monday 18th May.

You need to click on the links below to watch the videos and complete the activities/tasks set. Any tasks that cannot be completed online, needs to be written into your exercise books.

short multiplication – watch the video and complete activity worksheet 2 only
short division
mixed problems – complete activity 1 and as much of 2 as you can. Activity 3 is optional.

A writing task: watch the video. Keep pausing and make notes of important information such as location, events and dates. Then complete activities 1, 2 and 3.
Similes and metaphors. Complete all activities.


To learn about Roman Gods.
The Romans believed in many different gods and goddesses. Use the internet and the website link to draw each of the 8 gods/goddesses below and write down any interesting facts about them.

1) Jupiter – King of the gods
2) Juno – queen of the gods
3) Neptune – god of the sea
4) Pluto – god of death
5) Apollo – god of the sun
6) Diana – goddess of the moon
7) Venus – goddess of love
8) Cupid – God of love

Extension: Are any of them related? How?

Below is next week’s spelling list – use each word in 10 separate sentences in the correct context. Below is a link to an online dictionary in case you do not know the meaning of the word. Also, copy each word out 5 times in your book (one each day).
Prefix ex- (meaning ‘out’)
1) exit
2) extend
3) explode
4) excursion
5) exchange
6) export
7) exclaim
8) expel
9) external
10) exterior

Please don’t forget how important reading EVERY DAY is.
Remember the two websites below in case you have run out of books to read:
1) All our eBooks are tablet-friendly. Just register or log in above to start reading.

2) The website below allows children to listen to audio books:

Stuck for ideas on supporting your children with spellings? Have a look at the ideas and apps that are recommended by Hertfordshire specialist teachers in the PDF titled “Supporting your child with spellings”. Children of NHS workers can also access free accounts on the TTRS (Touch Type Read and Spell) program during school closure. This is a dyslexia friendly touch typing program that simultaneously overlearns spellings (only uses real words) and gradually introduces typing short sentences. You would need to contact them directly to organise this. (BBC do their own touch typing programme which is free but this is not linked with spellings.)


Please don’t forget to continue logging into Timestablerockstars and practising your tables!

The class teachers are:

  • Miss Connolly and Mr Harvey
  • Mrs Ayling