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We have a well equipped computer suite with networked PCs and an interactive whiteboard. All classrooms are networked and have  wi-fi, Smartboards and a linked sound system – valuable teaching and learning tools. IPads have many applications and offer opportunities for individual/small group learning.

The children have opportunities for regular computer access and our schemes of work are designed to give children – awareness of internet safety, opportunities for basic programming and control activities, skills in a range of software packages and curricular use of online tools such as ‘blogs’ and ‘wiki’ pages. 

Keeping children safe is an important aspect of our work in school and teaching children about eSafety is an integral aspect of the computing curriculum.

Teaching is based upon the Hertfordshire Scheme for computing and work in computing may be discrete or linked to topic work.

We have access to the ‘Hertfordshire Grid for Learning’ for intranet and internet access.