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The school uses the comprehensive list of objectives from the National Curriculum 2014 to plan and deliver lessons, with an emphasis on using and applying maths in everyday life. Effective maths lessons are well-paced, engaging and active. Teachers monitor and evaluate children’s progress rigorously to ensure each child reaches their individual potential.

Our goal is to ensure that every child leaving Field Junior School has a solid grounding in maths, as a result mental maths is a high priority in this school and this coupled with modelling and teaching of mathematical language underpins success for all.

Problem solving is a vital skill in maths and we like to encourage children to use what we do know to find out what we don’t know. Opportunities for practical maths activities are included in our  practice to enable children to explore mathematical concepts and to consolidate learning.

The development of mental and oral strategies are important and help children to develop confidence and agility with number.

Children are expected to practise essential maths skills at home e.g. times tables, telling the time, working with money, halving and doubling and number bonds.  

Copies of the school calculation policy can be obtained from the school office.