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The Governing Body of Field Junior School reconstituted in May 2015. The governing body consists of 13 members – 3 parent governors (elected by Field Junior parents) 1 LA governor (appointed by Herts County Council) 1 staff governor (elected by the staff) 1 Headteacher 7 co-opted governors (appointed by the Governing Body).

Current Governors at our school

Name Category Term of Office Committees
(Attendance 2023-2024)
Responsibility Declared Interests

Attendance at Meetings (Full)

Nicola Millbery

(Chair of Governors)

LA Governor

20.09.23 – 20.09.27


  • Resources 
  • Pay
  • Teaching and Learning
Thomas Kingsley

Co-opted 20.09.23 – 20.09.27


  • Teaching and Learning
Jeannette Brooks Headteacher

20.02.08 – 30.10.25


  • Teaching and Learning 
  • Resources 
  • Pay 
Katherine Wilkins Co-opted 29.09.21 – 01.10.25


  • Pay 
  • Teaching and Learning
Lisa Coombs Deputy Head

21.09.22 – 21.09.26



Gayle Voigt Co-opted 20.02.23 – 19.02.27


  • Resources 

Safeguarding and Child Protection LAC

Single Central Record

Headteacher at Brockswood School  

Annette Hunt

Staff Governor 16.09.19 – 16.09.27


  • Teaching and Learning

Allen Talbot

(Vice Chair)


10.11.20 – 09.11.24


  • Resources 
  • Pay

Head Teacher Performance Management

Casper Lam Co-opted 21.09.22 – 21.09.26


  • Health & Safety
  • Resources 

Tiann Madden



Co- opted




21.09.22 – 21.09.26



  • Teaching and Learning 

Andrew Gale

Parent Governor

11.12.23 – 


Mukund Lad Clerk        



The Governing Body fulfils a strategic role in the school in three three key roles

  • To provide a strategic view – aware of where the school is heading, ensuring the school has clear aims and values and effective systems and policies
  • To act as a critical friend – recognising and celebrating the school’s achievements and offering encouragement and honest feedback.
  • To be accountable -in terms of the school’s overall performance and able to explain its decisions and actions.
    (Governors are not directly involved in the day-to-day management of the school, as this is delegated to the Headteacher and leadership team of the school, who report back to governing body meetings).


The Governing Body at Field Junior School meets four times a year. In addition to this all governors are invited to be a member of a Governors’ Committee. At Field Junior these are Teaching and Learning, Resources and the Pay Committee. Governors also take on specific linked roles, agreed by the governing body, to support the strategic development of the school. Every governor also has a link with a focus year group of children, who they will follow on their journey through the school. Effective governors are vital to the school and access to regular training opportunities is offerd to support their work.