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eSafety News

Keeping up with online communications and technology is a challenge for the best of us.

‘Herts for Learning produce a termly eSafety newsletter (see ‘Useful Information’ below)

Acceptable Use Agreement

ICT including internet, e mail and mobile technologies have an increasing presence in the classroom.

We expect our children to be safe and responsible when using any form of ICT.

We ask all children and parents to read and sign our acceptable use agreement to confirm their understanding of our e safety rules.

Promoting eSafety at School

Regular e safety guidance is vital as there are constant changes in online communication and technologies and we constantly look for opportunities to promote e safety.

  • We provide opportunities within the school curriculum to teach about e safety.
  • Pupils are made aware of legislation such as data protection, copyright, safe use of images and intellectual property – which bring limitations but are designed to protect.
  • Pupils are aware of the impact of cyberbullying and know how to seek help if they are affected by any form of online bullying.

Promoting eSafety in the Home

We also believe it is important for  parents to be aware online and technological developments to ensure that they are able to protect their children in the home – where most online interaction takes place.

To this end we will –

  • Seek opportunities to communicate safety issues to parents. Items on newsletters, parent advice meetings, literature in school
  • Make eSafety newsletters available via the school website.
  • Create a bank of useful online resources for parents.
  • Seek feedback from parents regarding e safety matters.

Useful Information