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Year 6

Class teachers are:

  • Mrs Kenyon
  • Miss O’Brien

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Year 6

VIKINGS February 2024

It looks like children had a fantastic time with Dan Tasctic Education. 

We are now have Year 6 work on display at school. They have been working on watercolours, portrait using the technique of reflection. They read Street Child by Bertie Doherty. After a drama activity, they wrote about the life that Emily and Lizzie might have had. 

Year 6 worked on their vanishing point, water colour skills, cross hatching and stippling to create a fantastic visual effect. 


We went into the museum and found out about Cassiobury House in Victorian times then went for a walk around the town. Learning about the Free School, the original train station (which Queen Victoria visited) and the legend of the fig tree as well as St Mary’s church. 

In year 6, the children are looking at the Victorians. They have had an immersion day, where the company ‘Off the Page’ came in and re-enacted what it would have been like to have attended school in the Victorian times. The children enjoyed dressing for the day and learning about what life would have been like. The children will also learn about what Watford would have been like in Victorian times and will go on a walk, lead by the museum, to find out what is still left from that period. The children have looked at sources in history and have had to work in groups to decide if the sources can be trusted! They have learnt about the British Empire and have thought about the similarities and differences of human rights (as well as women’s rights) when comparing now and then.