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Year 6

Class teachers are:

  • Miss Coombs
  • Mrs Kenyon
  • Miss O’Brien

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First Aid

In Year 6 we had a (step) parent in to talk to the children about first aid. They were all given a booklet all about how to administer first aid if they need to and how to work a defibrillator. 

Victorian Time

In History, the Y6 children looked at primary and secondary sources from the Victorian time which were borrowed from Watford Museum. The children had to interpret the past by looking at any similarities and differences between now and then. 


The Year 6 children have been writing their autobiographies. We have looked at a range of biographies like Henry Box Brown and Survivors as well as autobiographies like Marcus Rashford. The children published their work after editing it. Here is a selection of paragraphs. 

Class Reader ‘Street Child’

6 K have started their Class Reader Street Child. We have started to think about the characters and implications on the characters from events. The children have made their predictions for  what might happen next and we have started a vocabulary wall with words from the text.