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Year 6


Carnival Dance Workshop

6H have had a very busy and successful few weeks! We have thoroughly enjoyed finding out all about the principles of a healthy diet as well as investigating where our food is sourced from – near and far! The children also learned about seasonality and enjoyed creating a menu using only seasonal fruits and vegetables found in the UK. Following on from this, we have had great fun investigating and analysing a range of smoothie products, including having the opportunity to taste test a range of delicious mass produced smoothie products. Then, the children designed their own nutritional smoothie, creating a name, brand and design for the packaging and targeting their chosen consumer. Future candidates for ‘The Young Apprentice’ for sure! Alan Sugar would be very impressed.

In maths, the children have enjoyed learning about drawing angles and finding missing angles as well as constructing 2D shapes. They have also been finding the perimeter, area and volume of shapes. They have used this knowledge to carry out a range of challenges and extensions and their resilience has been impressive!

The children have finished their second whole class reader, Street Child, and were able to make many interesting links with their History topic on the Victorians. They are now fully engrossed in our next class reader ‘Holes’ and are all enjoying the daily opportunity to read aloud to the class.

Fantastic work 6H

In 6C we have been:
Maths- solving problems involving time and finding missing angles. Some of us have moved on to investigating how we might find angles in regular polygons.
English- we have been recapping our knowledge of how to use speech punctuation in preparation for writing stories from other cultures.
Topic- we have been looking at what characteristics are inherited and have created our own Mr Men characters demonstrating which characteristics they have inherited from their parents. We have been discussing whether religion and science can complement each other or whether they contradict each other. We have also been thinking about how images view on social media can make us feel about our own body image and have been learning about how images online are edited to change how the people look. We have been reflecting on how we feel about this and how we can respond positively to the pressures of social media and the modern world.

Friendship Box

The children in each class have the opportunity to write acts of kindness on a piece of paper and place it in the class ‘Friendship Box’.  During Friday assembly the teacher draws one out and reads it out to the whole school via our Teams Assembly.

6C – To Sophie K, for being kind and supportive when I am sad, form Aatikah.

6H – To Alex, for making me laugh when I was sad, from Maya.

Achievement Certificates

The achievement certificates this week go to :

6C – Shannon and Umar

6H –  Haris and Yalda



The class teachers are:

  • Miss Coombs
  • Mrs Hunt