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Year 5

Class teachers are:

  • Miss Timms
  • Miss Williams

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Year 5 visit to Hazard Alley

On the 16th of November Year 5 students went to Hazard Alley Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. During their visit they gained vital knowledge and life skills through various scenarios such as fire, water, rail, road, cycle and pedestrian safety, home, personal safety, and online safety. 








Year 5 have been studying different poetry, focussing on the features that make the poem unique.  The children studied ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright and created their own poem using figurative language.  


Year 5 have been working hard on designing cam toys based on the Invaders topic.  They did a fabulous job with their designs and worked hard to ensure the cam mechanism worked well.  Here are some pictures of the cams made in 5T.







Viking Day