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Year 5



Carnival Dance Workshop





In 5K we have been learning about the Maya and have designed our own mask and have made them out of clay which also links with Art.


Friendship Box

The children in each class have the opportunity to write acts of kindness on a piece of paper and place it in the class ‘Friendship Box’.  During Friday assembly the teacher draws one out and reads it out to the whole school via our Teams Assembly.

5T – For Kiano, always making him happy and putting a smile on my face, from Naeem.

5K – Aarabi has received 5 nominations this week for being kind, playing with people and is “real nice”.

         Caitlyn has received 4 nominations this week foe cheering people up and being helpful.

Achievement Certificates

The achievement certificates this week go to :

5T  – Kuba and Aminah

5K –  Phoebe, Rayyan and Mia

The class teachers are:

  • Miss Timms 
  • Mrs Kenyon