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Year 3

Class teachers are:

  • Mrs White and Mr Harvey
  • Miss Williams

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Elf on the Shelf 3W

It was the elves last day in 3W. They left us a lovely message wishing us a Merry Christmas. Our naughty elf has been frozen to keep him out of trouble on the journey back to the North Pole!

Over the weekend, reports must have reached Father Christmas about our naughty elf. He has sent another elf to the class to keep an eye on him! As a way to apologise for his mischief, he left some sweet treats out for us to enjoy!

On Friday our naughty elf was making snow angels on our tables! We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for a white Christmas!

On Thursday, the other toys gave our naughty elf a taste of his own medicine and stuck him to the whiteboard! At least he didn’t get up to any more mischief like that!

Today we came in to discover that our naughty elf is a bit of a sore loser! The other toys didn’t let him win at Jenga so he made it so no one could play! We think this elf needs to be added to the naughty list himself!

On Tuesday we found that our naughty elf had made a naughty and nice list! Miss Williams and Miss Dore were happy but Mrs Shanahan was not so impressed!

Over the weekend, the naughty elf had a party with his friends and left a mess all over the tables! At least he left up some of his decorations for us to enjoy!

The naughty elf in 3W had a bit too much fun with the tissues on Friday.