Return to Children

Year 3


On a map, we looked at the route we take when walking to school.  We discussed how we could stay safe on the roads.  The children wrote down great rules such as Stop, Look, Listen and Think,  holding their adults hand, wearing bright clothes especially during the darker evenings and choosing the safest place to cross even if that means walking a little further. 
In RE, we are learning about Sikhism.  We discussed what characteristics make a happy world and the children had wonderful ideas such as kindness, happiness, being trustworthy and having warm hearts.  We then looked at examples of typical dilemmas we may find ourselves in like, finding the answers to a maths test on the table, discovering your unwrapped present hidden in a wardrobe or what you would do if your friends were arguing with each other. All of the children had great responses to these situations. 
In one of our weekly PE session, we learn to dance. We have spent a few weeks learning some street dance moves. This week, we started to Lindy hop.  Strictly come dancing look like amateurs compared to 3OA in action. 
In maths, we started fractions.  We have been embedding the idea that a fraction is a part of a whole.  The bigger the bottom number gets, the smaller the part (fraction) is. We will spend the next few weeks on learning lots more about fractions. 
In English, we looked at positive and negative adjectives to describe characters and settings.  We then planned our narrative which will have an introduction, buildup, problem and resolution.  We look forward to creating their imaginative stories. 



Friendship Box

The children in each class have the opportunity to write acts of kindness on a piece of paper and place it in the class ‘Friendship Box’.  During Friday assembly the teacher draws one out and reads it out to the whole school via our Teams Assembly.

3B – For Abel, “Abel asked if I was okay when I fell over”  from Harry.

3OA – For Mason who leant Hannah some colours when she didn’t have any.  


 – Achievement Certificates

The achievement certificates this week go to :   

3B –      Rani and Bryony

3OA – Mason, Maisie-Grace and Wassim

The class teachers are:

  • Miss Banks
  • Miss O’Brien and Mrs Ayling