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Year 4


Photos from the Carnival Dance Workshop




Fabulous art work from 4M…. Roman, Celts and Celtic Knots



We have been learning about the Romans and have drawn pictures of Roman soldiers. We are also share writing a description of a gladiator at the Colosseum before writing some independently! 4W are also doing a Happiness Project and have being writing compliment slips to each other and collecting smiles from people we see. 


Friendship Box

The children in each class have the opportunity to write acts of kindness on a piece of paper and place it in the class ‘Friendship Box’.  During Friday assembly the teacher draws one out and reads it out to the whole school via our Teams Assembly.

 4C –  For Cara, she makes me laugh and makes my day brighter, from Amirah.

4M – For Bezhan. he cheers up people and draws pictures when people are sad.

4W –  To Abbriami, Elisa and Faariha for creating an art project for all to get involved in.


Achievement Certificates

The achievement certificates this week go to :

 4C –  Adam, Vincy and Ameya

4M –  Emily and Anaya

4W – Nusayva


The class teachers are:

  • Miss Connolly 
  • Miss Muttucumaru
  • Miss Williams