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Year 4

Class teachers are:

  • Miss Connolly 
  • Mrs Hunt 
  • Miss Marshall teacher training

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Year 4 Life in Roman Britain Day

On Wednesday, the 8th May, year 4 enjoyed a fantastic Roman experience! They were able to try their hands at a range of Roman crafts; enjoy role play and enjoy a  Roman feast! 
Year 4 staff would like to congratulate all the children in year 4 on their outstanding behaviour through the day. We were very proud. The organiser of ‘Off the Page’ made a special point of praising your children’s enthusiasm and conduct. We had a fabulous day! 
Photos to follow!

Year 4 STOMP workshop

The children are loving the STOMP workshop by their former performer.

Year 4 Artwork


It has been a very busy term so far in year four and the children have impressed all their teachers and TA’s with their enthusiasm and hard work!
The children have enjoyed learning about Sikhism in RE and they have written some wonderful information texts about Sikhism in English.  In art, the children have thoroughly enjoyed developing their skills of shade and tone in order to produce some fabulously detailed sketches of their favourite teddy bears.  They have also enjoyed exploring the works of Banksy, creating a fact file about this mysterious artist and used some of Banksy’s works as inspiration for some artwork of their own, using perspective.