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‘Leaders have developed an appropriately balanced, engaging curriculum, which is broadened by a wide range of enrichment opportunities, including trips, visitors to the school, clubs and other activities.’

Ofsted November 2017


Throughout the year, we plan various school trips, immersion days, special assemblies and organise visitors into school to go beyond the curriculum and maximise children’s learning experiences. We aim to develop their social skills, geographical literacy, sense of community and demonstrate empathy/tolerance towards others. We also aim to give them cultural experiences that they might be able to enjoy at home.

Every Tuesday, we have a dedicated assembly to promote social, emotional and personal well-being; on Thursdays, we have singing assemblies; on Wednesdays, we develop our knowledge about specific countries where our children originate or have first languages in; and Fridays, we celebrate successes by having an achievement assembly.


Coronation Celebrations

It was such a shame that the weather let us down and that our parents/carers were not too disappointed.  Your children celebrated and enjoyed a day of Coronation activities—making crowns, bracelets, kites, colouring sheets, enjoying their picnic lunches with their classmates and singing at the afternoon assembly.


World Book Day March 2023

Thank you to Mrs Kenyon for arranging the visit of the author, Ross Welford. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed his assembly. He was so entertaining. His three helpers, Abbirami, Fawaad and Amber  did an excellent job assisting his magic tricks. Your child will probably want to tell you all about the tricks.








Reading Ambassadors

At Field School we are trying to promote reading across the whole of the school. I spoke to the school and sent an email home about applying for the job of a Reading Ambassador after telling the children what it will entail. I am happy to say that I received 35 applications for the job: an amazing response! Thank you to everyone who took time to write or email me their application. 
In the end, nine children were chosen and here are parts of the applications.  We have already had a meeting and the ambassadors are currently taking an audit of class libraries and interviewing pupils about what they think of the different reading areas throughout the school. 
Kate Kenyon 












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