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‘Leaders have developed an appropriately balanced, engaging curriculum, which is broadened by a wide range of enrichment opportunities, including trips, visitors to the school, clubs and other activities.’

Ofsted November 2017


Throughout the year, we plan various school trips, immersion days, special assemblies and organise visitors into school to go beyond the curriculum and maximise children’s learning experiences. We aim to develop their social skills, geographical literacy, sense of community and demonstrate empathy/tolerance towards others. We also aim to give them cultural experiences that they might be able to enjoy at home.

Every Tuesday, we have a dedicated assembly to promote social, emotional and personal well-being; on Thursdays, we have singing assemblies; on Wednesdays, we develop our knowledge about specific countries where our children originate or have first languages in; and Fridays, we celebrate successes by having an achievement assembly.



  • ECO CLUB - Eco Club   March 2022 – Apple Tree planting on the Fields.     Bulb planting with Veolia – click to view photographs