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‘Leaders have developed an appropriately balanced, engaging curriculum, which is broadened by a wide range of enrichment opportunities, including trips, visitors to the school, clubs and other activities.’

Ofsted November 2017


Throughout the year, we plan various school trips, immersion days, special assemblies and organise visitors into school to go beyond the curriculum and maximise children’s learning experiences. We aim to develop their social skills, geographical literacy, sense of community and demonstrate empathy/tolerance towards others. We also aim to give them cultural experiences that they might be able to enjoy at home.

Every Tuesday, we have a dedicated assembly to promote social, emotional and personal well-being; on Thursdays, we have singing assemblies; on Wednesdays, we develop our knowledge about specific countries where our children originate or have first languages in; and Fridays, we celebrate successes by having an achievement assembly.

Wagamama workshop

Some of our school children went to Wagamama restaurant in Watford. They were making their own juices, preparing their own mini yaki soba dish that was cooked by the chefs at Wagamama for them. The children enjoyed the food, eating it as well as preparing it themselves. 

Reading ambassadors visit to Watford Field School Infant and Nursery 

The Reading Ambassadors visited the Infant school to share books with Reception and Nursery children. They had a great time!

World Book Day week

What a busy and fantastic week it was. Here are few snapshots of the spoons. 

And the winners are:

World Book Day costumes

Reading ambassadors at assembly 

Our reading ambassadors came back with books and shared them during the assembly on Friday the 24th of November. 

Reading ambassadors visit to Waterstones bookshop

On the 17th of November our group of reading ambassadors went to buy books for our school. 

Poetry competition – Young Writers – update

The following children were successful and will have their poems published in a book. 

Year 3: Esme, Jewel, Saravanan, Tess, Ed

Year 4: Noah, Vithuraan, Anaya, Ariana, Jennifer

Year 5: Aarathana, Aayushi, Daniel B., Khadija, Safaa, Aarav, Anvi, Luke, Katie, Ramsey

Year 6: Aaron, Hannah, Jananii, Lily, Sofia, Tia, Aila A., Kavya, Klara


Reading scheme

New books for the reading scheme – we hope the children enjoy reading them!

Reading Ambassadors 

At Field School we are trying to promote reading across the whole of the school. I spoke to the school and sent an email home about applying for the job of a Reading Ambassador after telling the children what it will entail. Thank you to everyone who took time to write or email me their application. 
Kate Kenyon 

Year 6: Hannah, Wassim, Rani, Layla

Year 5: Aarathana, Aayushi, Arav, Ramsey

Year 4: Masen, Tanya, Ariana, Niranjan

Year 3: Rayyan, Jithin, Mila, Eesa 

After some more generous donations,  the fabulous Reading Ambassadors are sorting through the Book Swap Boxes, which will  go out after school on the playground. Please take one if you want to! If you’re not sure which book to choose then watch this space as the Reading Ambassadors are also going to choose a book to read and promote it in assembly.


Poetry competition

Poetry Competition, This Is Me! has been running for the first half term. Children have had the opportunity to enter in to the competition – writing poems that have the theme: This is me. The poems will be sent off on Friday 20th October where we will see if the children have won the competition and see if their entry has made it into a book. 

Year 6 visit to Watford Library Sept. 2023

Year 6 had a fabulous trip to Watford Library in September. During the trip, they learned about the history of the dewy system and played Dewy Bingo. They also had a treasure hunt in the children’s section, working in small groups to find certain books. Some of the children brought their library card along and took out books and all were told about what a fantastic resource the library is.

Easy Reading Corner 

To encourage all children to read, we have added an ‘Easy Reading Corner’ where children can listen to CDs of their well loved books and can also choose an easier book to read. As soon as the books are on the shelf then they are out again so the Reading Ambassadors will be asking their class what books they would like to read in the library and will be buying some copies of these books from their local bookshop in the next half term. 



European Day of languages competition

Thank you to all the children, who entered the competition.  I was so impressed with the number of entries. It is clear that the children put a lot of effort into their drawings – they were all very impressive.  it was a difficult decision but the winners are:
3WA – Yeshna
3M – Alp
4H – Trisha, Niranjan
4C – Ash, Paul
5T – Aayushi, Idil
5W – Luke, Kiaan
60B – Alayna, Harry,  Klara and Abel
6K – Prerana, Tia
Special thanks to Hannah for the Eiffel Tower shortbread biscuits.
Many thanks

Coronation Celebrations

It was such a shame that the weather let us down and that our parents/carers were not too disappointed.  Your children celebrated and enjoyed a day of Coronation activities—making crowns, bracelets, kites, colouring sheets, enjoying their picnic lunches with their classmates and singing at the afternoon assembly.

World Book Day March 2023

Thank you to Mrs Kenyon for arranging the visit of the author, Ross Welford. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed his assembly. He was so entertaining. His three helpers, Abbirami, Fawaad and Amber  did an excellent job assisting his magic tricks. Your child will probably want to tell you all about the tricks.